Where are our products from?

Curvy Farm in Beersel for the pork, South West of France for our Matured Normandy beef Entrecôte, Courtrai for the foie gras, little Belgian producers for the vegetables and finally Véronique Socié from La Fruitière for the Cheese selection.

We also have daily arrivals of fresh fish.
In addition to the menu, we offer three different lunch formulas, a 4 course Seasonal Menu or a “Stew” formula for dinner.

Lunch on thursday and friday: in addition to the menu, we offer a Lunch starter at 6€, Main Course at 13€ and Dessert at 5€
We also offer Formula for groups from 10 people.

For dinner:
«Stew» formula: 1 starter, 1 stew and 1 dessert to be chosen among 3 possibilities for each for 35€.

4 course Seasonal Menu for 42€ (from tuesday to saturday) that includes two starters with fish, a main with meat and a selection of desserts.

All our dishes are accompanied by an assortment of 5 to 8 vegetables

We also offer a vegetarian starter and main every day.


  • Wild prawns spicy sauce 14,00€
  • Bone marrow 12,00€
  • Fois gras 18,00€
  • Raw fish 12,00€
  • Paté bonne maman (Traditional savoury cooked paste made from finely minced and seasoned pork) 11,00€
  • Duck rillettes (Rich shredded spread made from chopped and seasoned duck) 10,00€
  • Stewbread (depending on arrivals) 18,00€
  • Vegetarian Starter 12,00€


  • Wild prawns spicy sauce 24,00€
  • Fish of the day 23,00€
  • Matured Normandy Entrecôte 56,00€

    500 gr (1 ou 2 p)

  • Beef tartare 21,00€
  • Pork jambonneau (Depending on arrivals) 22,00€
  • Vegetarian Main Course 19,50€


(served with rice or purée and vegetables)

  • Pork 19,50€
  • Beef 19,50€
  • Lamb 19,50€
  • Duck 19,50€


  • Melle Simone 7,00€

    Chocolate cake

  • Light Bitter Chocolate Mousse 7,00€
  • Selection of sorbets 7,50€
  • Apple and peer crumble with white cheese and orange blossom water sorbet 8,00€
  • Selection of Desserts 13,00€
  • Colonel of the Day (Alcohol pairing with Sorbet) 9,00€


Selection of goat and cow cheeses

  • Small 13,00€
  • Large 17,00€


Lunch (thursday and friday)

  • Choice between 2 starters 6,00€
  • Choice between 2 Main Courses 13,00€
  • Choice between 2 Desserts 5,00€

"Stew" formula

  • Starter, Stew and Dessert 35,00€

4 courses Tournant Menu

  • 2 Starters + Main + Dessert 42,00€

Our preparations are all homemade with fresh products. The menu may vary upon arrivals. Do not hesitate to let us know about any allergy or intolerance. Special Menu and Formule for groups.

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