Local and ethical meat, raised near you

La ferme Les Cochons de Chaumont

The reasons for eating local are numerous and varied: reducing the carbon footprint, access to fresh and seasonal products, supporting regional producers…

But where to eat local in Brussels?
At Le Tournant, we offer local and ethical meat, sourced through the collective of farmers and restaurateurs ENTIER and our partnerships with local producers.

Let’s take a closer look at this ethical and sustainable approach, highlighting the best of Belgian terroir.

ENTIER, a cooperative for eating local

Le Tournant is part of an innovative collective called “ENTIER,” which brings together Brussels restaurateurs united by the common goal of offering local and ethical meat.
This non-profit association acts as a facilitator, connecting Walloon producers with regional restaurants.

One of the fundamental pillars of ENTIER is to encourage the purchase of whole carcasses. This practice ensures optimal use of each animal, thereby reducing food waste. The restaurateurs who are members of the collective (with Le Tournant being one of the instigators) then coordinate to share the different parts of the carcass according to their respective needs.

But that’s not all: ENTIER goes beyond a simple commercial transaction. The initiative fosters in-depth reflection on culinary practices and promotes an approach aimed at minimizing food waste. Regular workshops are organized to allow restaurateurs to meet the farmers, become familiar with cutting techniques, and optimize the use of each part of the animal.

It was during one of these workshops that the restaurateurs of ENTIER met Antoine and Elisa Mabille, breeders of Charolais lambs from the Namur region.

Les Cochons de Chaumont: an exceptional farm for local meat

The quest for excellent products also leads Le Tournant to collaborate with local producers who share the same values. This is how Denis partnered with Les Cochons de Chaumont, an open-air pig farm located in close proximity to the restaurant’s vineyard.

The story of this collaboration began during the vineyard’s planting. It was on this occasion that the chef met Christophe, a farmer passionate about his work. The exceptional quality of the open-air pigs raised by Christophe immediately impressed Denis, who wanted to incorporate this flavorful meat into the restaurant‘s menu to offer ethical meat to his customers.

An unwavering commitment to animal welfare and the Environment

At Le Tournant, our choice of producers is not based solely on the gustatory quality of their products. We believe it is essential to favor partners who share our commitment to animal welfare and environmental respect.

Thus, the animals of Les Cochons de Chaumont and Antoine Mabille are raised in optimal conditions: they benefit from space, healthy food, and constant attention from the farmers. Respecting the natural rhythm of the animals and the cycles of nature is at the heart of these producers’ philosophy, who are committed to minimizing their environmental impact.

Le Tournant, the Brussels restaurant par excellence for fasting local and ethical meat

By choosing Le Tournant, you do more than just enjoy a delicious meal. You support an ethical and responsible approach that highlights the expertise of local producers and helps preserve the environment. Denis and his team invite you to come and taste the unique flavors of Belgian terroir, enhanced by an unwavering commitment to quality, respect, and sustainability.

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